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Jean Ait Belkhir


Managing Editor
Christiane Charlemaine

Race, Gender & Class
Sociology Department
College of Liberal Arts

Milneburg Hall Room 170
2000 Lakeshore Drive
The University of New Orleans
New Orleans, LA 70148

Phone: (504) 280-1209
Fax:  (504) 280-6302


RGC Board Membership Policy

The Race, Gender & Class journal, created in 1993, is looking for RGC supporters to become RGC journal Editorial Members.

There are only three conditions to become a RGC Editorial Member:

  1. To subscribe to the journal individual subscription every year;

  2. To accept to review submitted articles in your field of expertise;

  3. Promoting the journal.

Please let us know your field of expertise for reviewing submitted articles to the journal.
Welcome on Board and let’s keep alive the journal forever.

Author Guidelines

Publication Cost

Effective from January 2012, all published articles will be charged.  All authors will be requested to subscribe one year for publication in the journal Race, Gender & Class.Please contact the editor Jean Ait Belkhir at jbelkhir@uno.edu

Address editorial correspondence, including manuscripts for publication, to:

Jean Ait Belkhir
Race, Gender & Class Journal

The University of New Orleans
Department of Sociology
Milneburg Hall Room 170
2000 Lakeshore Drive
New Orleans, LA 70148

Email to Jean Ait Belkhir at rgcso@uno.edu

Manuscripts are accepted for consideration with the understanding that they are original material and are not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

One hard copy and an electronic copy should be submitted in Office type word processors like Word and Word Perfect.  Author's name, affiliation, e-mail address, and telephone/fax numbers should be on a separate cover page, and only on this page.   An abstract of 100-120 words and keywords should be on a separate page.  All figures must be camera ready.  Manuscripts that do not conform to these specifications will be returned to the author for proper style change.  The review process normally takes 3-6 months.   

Submissions must be in plain text and references and citations must be consistent with the American Psychological Association style.  

For example:

  1. Journal article:  Belkhir, J.A.  (1995).  Multicultural education:  Race, gender & class. Rethinking the introductory textbook in the academic disciplines. Race, Gender & Class, 2(2):11-37.

  2. Book:   Sleeter, C.E., &  Grant, C.A.  (1994).  Making choices for multicultural education:  Fives approaches to race, class, and gender.  NY:  Macmillan Publishing Company; 

  3. Article or chapter in an edited book:  Belkhir, J.A.  (1997).  Race, gender, and class definition.  In C. Grant and G. Ladson-Billings (Eds.), Dictionary of multicultural education.  The Oryx Press.   

Race, Gender & Class publishes articles of 15-25 pages, notes of 5-10 pages, review essays on books or films, autobiographies, essays, data sets, theories, stories, field work studies, and letters to the journal promoting interdisciplinary and multicultural studies focusing on race, gender and class intersection issues in society.

We are interested by papers without footnotes, and which cut through the technical jargon commonly used in academic writing, and promoting interdisciplinary understanding. Three members or non-members of the journal Race, Gender & Class will review manuscripts.  Reviewers are given the option of signing their comments, but the author's name will not be revealed to the reviewer. We request that rewievers respond promptly within 14 days of receipt of the manuscript. Reviewers are asked to approach their task in a helpful and supportive way working with the author to produce a publishable article if at all possible.  Keep in mind that an efficient editorial process that results in timely publication provides a valuable service both for authors and the journal at large.

Copyright and permissions

No written or oral permission is necessary to reproduce a table, a figure, or an excerpt of fewer than 500 words from this journal or to make photocopies for classroom use.  Authors are granted permission, without fee, to photocopy their own material.  Copies must include a full and accurate bibliographic citation and the following credit line:  "Copyright [year] by Race, Gender & Class, reproduced with permission from the publisher."  Written permission must be obtained to reproduce or reprint material in circumstance other than those just described.  Please direct requests for permission or for further information on policies and fees to the Race, Gender & Class Editor.

Forthcoming 2016

Race, Gender & Class 2015 Conference. Guest edited by Jean Ait Belkhir, Southern University at New Orleans, and Christiane Charlemaine. For further information please contact us by email at rgcso@uno.edu.

A Race, Gender, and Class Progressive Approach. Edited by Jean Ait Belkhir, Southern University at New Orleans. RGC Book Series. For further information please contact by email: jbelkhir@uno.edu.

Forthcoming 2017

Special Issue for the Radical MLK edited by Dr. Jean Ait Belkhir (Sociology) Southern University at New Orleans. Abstract proposal deadline: December 1st, 2016. Contact Dr. Belkhir at jbelkhir@uno.edu.

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